Elders function as under-shepherds of a local church, seeking, under Christ, to oversee the affairs of the church, providing pastoral care, teaching, protecting, discerning and leading the flock. They are to be men of integrity who provide models for godly living, while having an ability to teach God’s Word.

The criteria for elders are spelt out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.


Ashwin has attended RBC since 2001 after moving up from Azalea Road Baptist in KZN, and took out membership in the same year. He was elected as deacon in 2003, and affirmed as an elder in 2005 after proving himself as a faithful sheperd of a Home Group and service on our Missions Committee. He assists with leadership of Malanshof Fellowship Group, and helps with the shepherding work in our church through caring involvement with people. Ashwin is married to Juanita, and they have two children: Jerusha (married) and Jared.


Bruce has being attending Randburg Baptist Church since 1986, and became a member in 1994. During that time he has faithfully served the Lord in various ways.  He is a skilled organist, and has also served as a deacon (2003-2009), apart from much relational ministry.  He has served in the Music Ministry for many years, been involved as a worship leader in our evening services and led a small group.  Bruce re-joined the diaconate in 2013, overseeing the portfolio of “Sound & Technology Coordinator.”  Bruce was affirmed as an elder in March 2016.


Chris has attended Randburg Baptist Church since 1994, and assumed membership in 1996. Chris served as a deacon from 2003, before being affirmed as an elder in 2005. He has served faithfully as Chairman of the Leadership for much of this period, along with fulfilling the leadership of the Jacanlee Fellowship Group, Finance Committee duties etc. Chris is married to Helen, and they have 2 teenage sons, Nicholas and Matthew.


Enoch is originally from the Queenstown area in the Eastern Cape.  Enoch has been a faithful member of Randburg Baptist Church since 1996, and has been involved as a Door Steward and deacon for many years (2006-2008, 2009-2011).  He had served on the Committee of the 12h00 service, and has assisted greatly with preaching, teaching and shepherding when required. Enoch joined the eldership in 2013, and he has served as a vital link to the 12h00 service folk, as well as the church plant in Diepsloot.  He continues to serve the Lord through faithful preaching both at Randburg Baptist Church and Diepsloot.  Enoch is married to Joyce, they have been blessed with the children Thobeka, Luleka, and twins Xola and Xolisa.

GAVIN JOHNSTON (Full Time Pastor)

Gavin serves as one of the elders, but also as the full-time pastor of the Randburg Baptist Church.  His childhood years were spent at RBC, and returned to the church in 1994. Gavin served the local church in a variety of roles in children and youth ministry, deacon, small group leader etc. While studying theology on a part-time basis, he was called to the position of Youth Ministries Pastor at the church in August 2003, and served for 8½ years overseeing the whole spectrum of youth ministry. The church members were led to extend a call to him for the role of Pastor when that need arose, and thus Gavin was inducted as Pastor of Randburg Baptist Church in February 2012.

Gavin graduated from Baptist Theological College in 2004 with his B.Th. He has done further post-graduate studies in Biblical Counselling (2008-2010) and Expository Preaching (2011) through Grace School of Ministry (Pretoria).  He was also awarded an M.Th from BTCSA in 2015 for research done on the Puritans and the counselling of guilt.

Gavin has served on the Board of Directors of BTCSA since 2013, and began to lecture on a part-time basis from 2017. Gavin is married to Carmen, and they have 2 young daughters.


John returned to Randburg Baptist Church in 2001, and took out membership in the same year. John’s teaching and preaching ministry was recognised, and he was affirmed as an elder in 2005, and has served in that role ever since. He teaches in his Fellowship group week by week, preaches on occasion and is always available (as a retiree with lots of time!) to assist the pastors with their shepherding work. John is also very active in our outreach ministry to Douglasdale Retirement Village, preaching there at least once a month, leading a weekly Bible Study, and assisting with as much pastoral care to the folk as possible.  John is married to Roselyn, and they have five daughters.


Lynton joined the church in 1989, after moving up from the Eastern Cape.  Lynton fulfilled many roles over the years, and remains a godly stalwart of church life at RBC. Lynton has served as an elder from 1992 to 2004, and rejoined the team in 2010.  Lynton’s shepherding heart adds great value to the elder team, and he is active in the “Care and Visitation” ministry.  He serves as a worship leader as well in both morning and evening services.  Lynton is married to Nola, and they have three adult daughters.