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MYSTERY OF CHRIST #2 - The first pages - Genesis 1 to 3


Are you missing big chunks from the Bible’s story???

You might have some bits and pieces… some nice Jesus stories, a dose of “how to” points from the epistles, sprinkled with the love of God and nice reminder now and then of heaven from Revelation… It might be accurate, and might even be helpful. But are you missing the depth and meaning and richness of what has been told beforehand?

See, God has given us a whole story! God has revealed a story to us – that is what the Bible is – it is a single story, from beginning to end. It’s important that we get to know this story, these mysteries, how Jesus Christ is in the whole Bible.

Genesis 1-3 provides some great, wonderful, rich gospel truths upon which the rest of the story then builds.

Join us on Sunday 27th May for more on the “Mystery of Christ” series, and let’s see why the great 4th century theologian, Augustine said: The New Testament is in the Old concealed; the Old Testament is in the New revealed.



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