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MYSTERY OF CHRIST #3 - Rescued from Destruction - Genesis 6-9


When there is a threat, we find something which can protect, shield, absorb the threat and lessen the risk.


That is exactly what we see in the story of Noah, in Genesis 6-8.


God’s salvation plan was to rescue and provide relief from a real threat where God provides a place of safety from great danger… it was an air raid shelter, but it was an ark!


Noah trusted God to be inside the ark; Christians trust Christ in relationship with Him, and they too are safe.  Jesus is like the ark of safety – if you are in Him, abiding in Him, clinging to Him, trusting in Him, then there is rescue and safety from God’s eternal wrath.


Judgment fell on Christ just as the judgment of the flood waters fell on the ark. The believer who is in Christ is thus in the ark of safety that will sail over the waters of judgment into eternal glory.” (John MacArthur)


Are you in the ark?



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