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MYSTERY OF CHRIST #4 - Mysterious Promises - Genesis 12:1-3


Does the Bible story line look a little foggy?  Well, it can – in Genesis!  But that’s why we need to see the whole sweep of the story, from beginning to end.  That is called Biblical Theology!  This sermon tracks the whole way through…


Michael Lawrence wrote the following in his book, “Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church: A Guide for Ministry”:


God’s plans are fulfilled according to various patterns. In other words, the linear nature of history doesn’t mean it’s unpredictable. There is one God and one plan to solve one problem with one solution. History, as Scripture presents it, follows a pattern or framework. It progresses and develops, but not randomly. God works out his plans, yes, but since his ways do not change he works out his plans according to certain patterns. This means that the present is tied to the past in Scripture, but not as an endlessly repeating cycle of karma. Rather the connection between past and present is more like the development of a Bach fugue or the construction of a soaring skyscraper. The initial theme, the original shape, is present from the beginning. But by the end, it has been developed so that the finished product is so much more than the initial pattern seemed to promise.


God laid down promises in Genesis 12 to Abraham.  But those promises were not fulfilled in one single event, but in multiple waves of development.


Listen as we track from Genesis to Revelation, seeing the depth and staggering beauty of God’s redemptive story unfolding.


This is an ambitious sermon, as we see the whole Bible panorama in front of us!  This is Biblical Theology!




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