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MYSTERY OF CHRIST #6 - The Mystery of the Missing Lamb - Gen 22


Substitution! It's happening match-by-match at the SWC.  Players are replaced with other players.


But there is a critical spiritual parallel - God provides a substitute to suffer and die for our sin. As we read through our Bibles, God progressively shows us the solution to our sin problem – the solution where He provides a substitute to suffer and die in our place so that we can be forgiven and find life.


Right from the early pages of the Old Testament these truths are shown.  The New Testament uses the term the “Mystery of Christ” – basically showing how Christ and the gospel are buried in Old Testament texts, pointing to Him as the ultimate fulfilment.


We hear in this sermon how God shows us in yet another passage of how He provided a substitute who would be our Saviour! There are some lessons to be learned about faith, but most importantly truths about salvation as we see God providing a substitute! Let’s track through the story and see it unfold… let’s see God’s plan of salvation for us, even in this familiar story! Listen as we consider "The Mystery of the Missing Lamb!





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