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MYSTERY OF CHRIST #8 - Danger Behind - 1 Cor 10_1-14


Scientific research always looks at past studies and trials and takes the results and builds on that – don’t do what fails, and do do what works, right??  There are lessons to be learned in looking back… the events and results of the past should shape our present realities…. Both in science and in life.   If history repeats itself, and there is nothing new under the sun, then a good grasp of history should be helpful in the present.


There is a strong spiritual parallel…  biblical history teaches us about God and Christ and gospel!  The stories are all fundamentally about Christ and God’s salvation plan, at least in some way.  But, even at a more basic level, they still teach about human sin and God’s handling of sin.  We dare not lose sight of the fact that real examples exist – things we should do, and things we should not so.  The Old Testament is littered with much to learn from even as we seek to live Christian live and run the Christian race.  The lives and events and episodes of the old covenant people of God provide not only God’s interventions and grace, but also real examples of how to live, or not live!


In this sermon we see how Paul, as a New Testament writer, uses Old Testament stories and events and images to make vital gospel points for us. Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, takes events from Old Testament Israel, holds them up and then teaches us today about how to live in a right, God-honouring way.  Up until now we’re been looking at the shadowy pictures looking forward to Christ; Paul now pulls some shadowy things right into our lives today. Paul gets us to look in the rear-view mirror, to lookback, to see what has happened in the past… and once we see that clearly, we understand how we can do exactly the same stuff!  As we’ll see, this gives us real, vital clear instruction and warning as believers and as a church…


So look in the rear-view mirror as you listen, see that has already happened in history, and learn from that in real ways today



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