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#7 PATH TO LIFE (Proverbs series): Church Erosion - Proverbs 6


We need to guard – and guard diligently – against sins that we commit (you and I) that cause damage to unity in the church of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes it is the explosive action or comment – the hand-grenade that rips apart!

More commonly it is the slow-release poison that erodes and contaminates and sows mistrust and brews bitterness… Slow brewed, extra matured… but it is a deadly cocktail that trashes harmony and destroys our witness to the world!

 Proverbs 6 takes us there this morning… God – even in the Old Testament covenant people context – shows us the danger of discord. He gives us a DESCRIPTION of a person who causes disunity, plus he also warns us of the danger that such a person is in. I want to spend a chunk of time of exploring what we do with that in 2019… DIAGNOSING discord in churches…

The DESCRIPTION of a person who sows discord

DIAGNOSING discord in churches

i) Heart desires bubble up

ii) Personal agendas

iii) Pride and self-promotion

iv) Camps

v) Unresolved conflict

vi) Malice, anger, bitterness and unforgiveness

vii)      Gossip

viii)     Lack of submission to leaders

ix) Theological nit-picking



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