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#8 PATH TO LIFE (Proverbs series): Where are You God? - Proverbs 8


We meet someone calling – wisdom is calling…


Does not wisdom call? Does not understanding raise her voice?” (Proverbs 8:1, ESV)


What she says here is helpful and vital for us, as we live in a world filled with crushing pain, defeat, confusion and temptation!

We need to be very clear that ‘wisdom’ is not a person.

God’s wisdom is shown here as a person who is speaking, but it is just a picture – a way of helping us as people to understand something of God’s wisdom.

Wisdom is pictured here as a great woman, someone respected and honoured and trustworthy and worth listening to.

And she cries out to people to listen to her, to hear her, to heed her, to respond to her… but this is God’s wisdom pictured as a woman…

What does she say? Lady Wisdom teaches 2 truths about wisdom here:

Truth #1:  God’s wisdom can be trusted

Truth #2: God’s wisdom leads us to trust God more




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