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#4 WHY CHRISTMAS? Jesus was sent to be propitiation (1 John 4:10)





TEXT       :               1 John 4:10

 TITLE   :                  Wrath-absorber

 DATE      :               2019-12-22   (09h00)


Why Christmas? Why did Jesus come, and be born as a man?


#1        :           1 John 3:5 – to bring salvation

#2        :           1 John 3:8 – to destroy the works of the devil

#3        :           1 John 4:9 – to bring life


There is a 4th reason tucked away in the passage we started to consider last Sunday…

But before we dive into verse 10, I want to spend a chunk of time painting a picture for you – from the Bible – of this idea of a spiritual super-sopper… the idea that God is an angry God against sin, and that something needs to absorb or deal with or satisfy that anger…

It’s important that I give that backdrop, because the staggering significance of verse 10 will be lost if we don’t get the big picture from the Bible…

  1. God’s wrath burns against human sin
  2. Propitiation is how God’s wrath is satisfied (or appeased or absorbed)
  3. Jesus was sent to be the full and final propitiation for sins

How does PROPITIATION impact you personally?



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