What we do

Baptism for Believers

This is a short 3-4 week course for those interested in baptism. The module is conducted as and when there is interest from folk wanting to be obedient in this way.


Counselling with the pastors and elders is available. Our approach is thoroughly biblical, using God's Word to both identify the core issues, and encourage godly resolution through application of biblical principles.


Randburg Baptist Church has an “Outreach Committee” which oversees all aspects of gospel-based outreach, right from local evangelism through to international missions. Our people are encouraged to be involved in gospel ministry, either through faithful financial support, as well as direct involvement. There are a number of local projects and trips which give opportunity to serve and experience then joy of “hands on” involvement.

We endeavour to host an “Outreach Weekend” every 2 years – this is geared to stimulate missions awareness, and promote involvement in Kingdom purposes.


The Lord has blessed us with a number of committed musicians, vocalists and support people. Our music ministry exists to assist our people to glorify God through sung worship, in a corporate worship service.There is always space to include committed and able team members who can bring value through playing instruments, singing, sound and projection.

Parent equipping

As there is need, we conduct courses on biblical parenting.

Resource Center

Our Resource Center is adjacent to our tea hall, and is open on Sunday mornings. We stock a variety of helpful books, booklets and devotionals to assist with spiritual growth. Many quality materials are available to assist with guidance on practical living issues.


To assist our people in growing in their knowledge of the Word, and the application of God’s truth to daily life, we offer a variety of seminars and courses from time to time.